A tried and tested methodology to get to the core of your organisation and succinctly define who you are, what you do and how and why you do it.


A structured workshop-style session with key stakeholders to get under the skin of your business – and challenge your thoughts and assumptions. Followed by a consolidation meeting and then a final presentation.

End product

A brand! This 1 page strategy document includes your brand essence, story, values and personality. It is the clear blue-print your entire organisation should operate under.

The final presentation also includes top line thoughts on how this can be applied to your business activities, and on the roll-out. I.e. What this ‘new’ brand means to your company, and how it could be communicated to employees.

Cost: 4-8 hours of your time + £600-£1000. (Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation).


Should there be any conflict over the brand essence and core messages, we can test different options with existing/potential customers and/or internal stakeholders.

N.B. This conflict often this arises when there are multiple key messages, or when thinking of future direction of the brand.


Usually the branding process has the biggest impact on the Marketing function within an organisation, as it is their job to ensure all marketing communications and activities are ‘on brand’.

As a seasoned marketeer, Clare can work with your Marketing team in a consultancy role to facilitate this. This includes an audit of all current comms to determining which need to be changed; and putting the new brand at the forefront of all briefs going forward.


If you would like help communicating your new brand throughout your organisation, Clare can help to devise and execute a roll out programme. This ensures all employees understand the brand, what it means for them/their role and any changes they will see.


Once the new brand is embedded, Clare can be available as ongoing support as your Brand Guardian. This could be as a sense-check for new projects or campaigns, or training new employees and partners.

(The costs for each of these services will be determined by the scale and complexity of the task).

If you’ve got a project that you’d like to discuss, I’d love to hear from you.

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