Dr Fiona McCarthy

Dr Fiona McCarthy

A start-up clinic in the skin care Industry

As a doctor, my knowledge of branding is limited and I really struggled to identify my brand message and identity when I set up my aesthetic clinic. I was lucky enough to find Clare and her invaluable help and support has simplified and streamlined the process allowing me to identify the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of my business – and develop a compelling message that sets me apart in a crowded market.

Having Clare on board as ‘brand advisor’ as I launched the clinic has been instrumental to my success. She has helped shape the tone and hierarchy of information in my communications and also the type of marketing activities I do, ensuring I have the space to tell my brand story my way.

I consider the services she provides as integral to the development of a successful brand and I am hugely grateful for all her help.

Dr Fiona McCarthy, Medical Director

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